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Weight Control

The results, good or bad, of a weight loss or control program, is in the execution. The basic equation is very simple, and people tend to forget this burying themselves in fad after fad, diets, exercise gimmicks, anything to get there quickly.
The basic equation is the number of calories you take in versus what you burn off. The less you take in and / or the more you burn off, weight loss is a natural by product. Putting aside genetics, for there are some people who are going to burn off calories just sitting, controlling what you eat, how much you burn off exercising, or a combination of the two, will determine whether you lose weight.
Weight ControlA Prescription for Failure
However, this is only half the equation. The other really more fundamental challenge is the mental aspect. This is something very few diets or even exercise programs deal with. Even if you executed well on the diet and / or exercise, there is the yo-yo effect. You feel and look better, you give yourself a few treats, or you reduce the exercising, and then the weight starts coming back and if you are lucky, you will find yourself back at it. But, you’ll be bouncing like a yo-yo…

Become Happy and Feel Good About Yourself
Mental discipline is the key that will give you the strength to resist urges to cheat on diet, on exercise, and to allow yourself to achieve your goals. Developing one’s mind will naturally provide serenity and clarity to other aspects of your life, including your weight loss or control goals. Achieving weight loss or control will not fill any voids in your heart and soul, the conditioning of the mind will give you serenity and clarity to see them, deal with them, and control them rather than allowing those voids to control your life.
There is no gimmick, there isn’t a newest fad. The training is based on the traditional system of martial art Hapkido. Key components of the system are extracted to physically train your body and at the same time, mentally train for discipline and serenity of mind. One may question as to why not go to a gym, run on a tread mill? How many times do you see earphones and TV sets at gyms, people focusing their attention on anything but the act of exercising? It is a shame to waste the time that one is already going to incur, mindlessly wandering through a physical routine that perhaps becomes the dreaded “I HAVE to go the gym….” Gyms have found a great marketing tool in also trying to make it “fun”, kickboxing, yoga, hip hop dance, anything, to again, get your mind off of it. The fun factor lasts for a while but the luster usually fades in time and the same pitfalls and traps will appear.   That is the fundamental difference in Elite Martial Art curriculum of weight reduction and control that focuses on not only developing one physically, but just as importantly, mentally. 
The program is just as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging. The mind is your most powerful asset in weight loss and control.