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Interview In Greece December 14, 2012

Sun Soo - Attack Techniques Demonstration Greece Dec. 12, 2010 


   Sun Soo & Dan Bong Techniques Greece Demonstration Dec. 12, 2010

                                                                                                              Defenses Against Multiple Attackers, Middle Staff,                             Defenses Against Sword Attack                                                     Kicking Defense, Punch Defense, Techniques of the Rope


Techniques of the Short Stick - Dan Bong                                         Defenses Against Wrist Grabs



Wrist, Sleeve, Cross Wrist Self Defense Techniques                  Wrist, Rear Grab, Punch Defense Techniques 



Punch, Kick, and Knife Defenses                                                    Pre 1st Dan to 1st Dan - Bear Hugs to Attack Techniques   


Attack Techniques - Sun Soo                                                           HKD Knife Defenses Basic, Striking, Joint Lock, Kicking, Throwing 


Kicking, Short Stick, Sitting, Two Attackers, Rope Defense                                                                                                                      Demonstration for KJN Hwang Deok-Kyu                                      Hapkido Forms - 5th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for 1st Dan



Knife Defense Part 2                                                                          Knife Defense Part 3     



Hapkido Basic Techniques 1-5 Part 1 of 2                                     How To Make A Center Knuckle Punch



Hapkido Basic Techniques 6-10 Part 2 of 2 










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