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The Techniques of Hapkido

In 1967, the late GM Myung Kwang Sik published the first book on Hapkido in Korean containing beginner to high level techniques. However, being published in 1967 during the modernization period in Korea post Korean War, it was not the best in quality. Since then, many books have been published both in Korea and the U.S. Most of these books have been stand alone in that they cover specific set of techniques. Very few books cover the breadth and scope of Hapkido.
My goal is to publish through this new media, the complete set of Hapkido techniques. It is by no means an alternative to training on the mat under a qualified instructor, but it is my hope that the original techniques of Hapkido will be preserved and handed down to future generations. As I start this endeavor, my respect for GM Myung and others who have published books grows tremendously as I can imagine the personal and financial sacrifices made to do so. Having been featured in over 20 videos and books, from demonstrating techniques to translating, I have a greater appreciation for the work that goes into publishing.          

Hapkido Techniques From White Belt to 1st Dan Black Belt - Detailed List of Each Technique

Single Punching 1 - 20 단식 권술
Hapkido 10 Basic Techniques - 합기도 기본 술기
Technique Of Dynamic Movement - 도진 법
Single Kicking 1 - 20 단식 족술
Techniques Of Wrist Part - 손목 수
Hapkido 1st Form Chun Ki Hyung Sae - 천기 형세
Dan Jon Breathing With Down Way - 단전 호흡 하단
Method Of Falling With Run - 전면 낙법
Front Grabbing Techniques - 전면 수
Double Kicking Techniques 1- 20 복식 족술
Defensive Punching Techniques 방권술 (45)
Hapkido 2nd Form Ji Ki Hyung Sae - 지기 형세
Dan Jon Breathing With Open to Close - 단전 호흡 내측
Method Of Falling With Jumping - 전면 뛰어서 낙법
Double Punching Techniques - 복식 권술
Techniques Of Other Wrist Part - 손목 수 (25)
Jump Kicking Techniques - 도약 족술
Defensive Kick Techniques - 방족술 (40)
Hapkido 3rd Form Nai Ki Hyung Sae - 내기 형세
Dan Jon Breathing With Upper Way 단전 호흡 상단
Method Of Falling Over Obstacle 장애물 낙법
Rear Grabbing Techniques - 뒤에서 잡혔을 때
Fly Kicking Techniques - 고도 족술
Jump Double Kicking Techniques
Defensive Throwing - 방투술 (33)
Hapkido 4Th Form Wai Ki Hyung Sae - 외기 형세
Dan Jon Breathing With Power - 단전 호흡 힘모아
Method Of Falling With Flapping - 회전 낙법
Bearhug Techniques (35)
Special Kick Techniques - 특수 족술
Techniques Of Attack From Sitting - 좌기 선수
Choke Techniques (44) - 조르기
Hapkido 5th Form Ki Hap Hyung Sae - 기합 형세
Techniques Of Attack From Sitting - 좌기 (20)
Special Fly Kick Techniques - 비상 족술
Attack Techniques - 선 수
Knife Defenses - Dan Gum Mak Ki 단검 막기
Short Stick Basic Techniques - Dan Bong Ki Bon 단봉 기본 수
I have spent over 30 years dedicated to practicing, researching, and methodically documenting and categorizing the techniques of Hapkido as I learned them. My lessons in the earlier years were more practice and less teaching class. As I matured, my training became more “old school” being shown a technique a day and spending more time teaching. However, teaching in itself was a learning experience. It forces your hand by requiring one to execute techniques on command, perfectly. I had the privilege of training under the late GM Myung at the World Hapkido Federation World Headquarters on a regular basis, not a couple of seminars, days, or weeks, but consistently day in and day out. The GM was flawless in execution and teaching. My techniques and execution are as they were taught to me, textbook style with no fancy overtures, practical, effective, and to the point. My background being in corporate finance, meticulous detail and logical thought were ingrained in me. I began to document each technique daily. I would learn and practice at the dojang (school), and come home each night to handwrite them in a journal and draw in related footwork. I also kept an English version of the same, sans the footwork.
On this page, I will provide weekly updates of techniques, along with a detailed discussion. Faced with the mortality and frailty of human life, my hope and goal is that students and instructors will continue the legacy of traditional Hapkido transcending time. When I started my Hapkido almost 30 years ago and my professional career shortly after, there were no PC's.  Giving much thought as to how to promote and continue the lineage of traditional Hapkido, and considering the age of technology, I decided that this would be a good forum to do so.  The techniques discussed may be useful reference tools but in no way should take the place of training under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
I thank you in advance for your support and welcome your feedback and questions in the pursuit of forging your mind, body, and spirit.

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