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Stress Management & Relaxation

We live in a culture and society wrapped up in instant gratification and stress has become embedded within our lives. Stress can be fatal. Take a moment and breathe and stop the vicious cycles of stressors that wreak havoc not only on our bodies but our minds as well as the lives of those around us.

Our lives are filled with stressors, from raising children to working at the office, and we are bombarded daily. They are like ripples on a calm lake surface forming disturbances that can become overwhelming.   Ignoring them can lead to many health issues ranging from stiff and aching bodies to serious health issues. Traditional martial art training includes breathing, meditation, and stretching techniques that helps loosen the body and clear the mind. These same techniques can be applied to managing stress.   Breathing and meditation will help clear the mind and relax the body. Stretching techniques will loosen tired muscles and joints and help prepare for another day.
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As in any worthwhile endeavor, there are no tricks or shortcuts. Consistent and regular practice is the only magic key to achieving your goals.  By design, the very act of consistent practice in itself is a calming agent by requiring one to put aside other thoughts and disturbances, to focus on the task at hand. Musicians, artists, athletes often go into a different state of consciousness when performing at their best.  Their ability to focus 100% of their mind on the moment gives insight into the power of the human mind to bring peace, serenity, and clarity even at the most demanding and stressful of times. The ability to focus allows one to excel in all facets of one’s life and bring out the unleashed power of the human mind, to bring order, calmness, and serenity in an endless ocean of waves, called life. Prepare yourself to excel at the office, at home, or in any other area of your life.
Meditation techniques are non religious in nature.  Also, please consult with your physician prior to taking on any physical activity.