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Physical & Mental Well Being

A Balance
The training regimen is based on traditional martial art curriculum that promotes physical fitness and discipline designed to holistically enhance one’s physical and mental well being.

Designed for physical and mental fitness, this program utilizes a traditional martial art curriculum to provide both a physical and mental challenge. The workout promotes general physical conditioning while providing something that won’t be found on the treadmill or stairmaster.


A common sight in many gyms are people exercising their bodies but with headphones on, watching TV, or something, to keep them preoccupied and perhaps even lessen the boredom, or worse, drudgery, of having yet another “workout”. The time spent conditioning your body is often considered “down” time. Not only will this training challenge the body, but it will challenge and stimulate the mind to continuously learn, and develop mental discipline.

It is quite common for many people to sign up for a club membership and then never show up. For those that do make it in, there is a high probability the first workout will be the last. If you make it beyond that first day, then everyday becomes another challenge to keep motivated to go work out, and excuses seem to come from everywhere convincing yourself not to go. Then it becomes a slippery slope from there, with excuses becoming easier until you give up altogether.

What is missing? Mental discipline, will power, and the ability to break through the walls of procrastination and impatience, and ultimately, yourself. What you don’t get from running on a treadmill, or the latest fad and gimmick, is a training of the mind. Those classes seem fun at first but the luster wears off and you are in a perpetual search for the next best thing, fad, something to get you motivated.

These classes which are based on traditional martial art training regimen will not only challenge the body, but challenge your mind. It will help you develop mental discipline to positively impact all aspects of your life, from motivating yourself to exercise to excelling at work. It is not another fad, it’s a time tested method of training that will achieve the results.