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My Lessons In Life – Training and Learning From My Master

Hello and thank you for visiting Elite Martial Art. I have spent over 30 years dedicated to the practice, research, and furthering of the art of Hapkido. It may sound cliché, but the study and practice became a way of life, and very much, a part of my life. Most of my Hapkido career was spent training under the late Founder MYUNG Kwang Sik. While the late Founder had thousands of students across the world, I spent the most time training under him day in and day out in the U.S. When asked where I was, I told them I was either at the office, at the dojang (school), or at home. A good friend of mine told me once, that “you have a very unique perspective. Not only were you a top student, but being Korean and understanding the language and culture, you had such insight into not only the art, but the master himself”. He also thought it would be interesting to tell the “tale”, and share my experiences with having had the privilege and honor of studying and serving one of the pioneers of the art of Hapkido.

The late Founder MYUNG was very much the epitome of the contemporary warrior. A true gentleman, businessman, family man, and above all, a tremendous human being leaving behind over 60 years of legacy in the martial art world. He was always a private man and I will try to limit discussions on his personal life other than what is publicly known.

There are many things lost in translation from Korean to English, and “serve” is not meant in the connotation of blindly following and forced servitude. It is said in a form of respect, to serve out of honor and respect. This will be a “freelance” effort, without strict parameters so the topics, discussions, and anecdotes will vary. I hope that you will enjoy the discussions, perhaps learn and gain insight into the art of Hapkido, the late GM, as well as my transformation over the years. Your feedback and questions are always welcome.