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Hapkido Techniques Photo Gallery

All photographs are the property of Elite Martial Art and may not be reproduced or used without express written consent Certain photographs are provided with courtesy and permission from president Jong Ho Shin of Seolim Publishing Co., Seoul, Korea from the book Hapkido Special Self Protection Techniques ISBN 89-7186-199-1. Reproduction or use of these images are prohibited without the express consent of Seolim Publishing Co. and Elite Martial Art.


Techniques of Falling

  Front Fall  Back Fall  Side Fall


   Front Roll  Flipping Fall  Falling Over Obstacle


Hapkido Ten Basic Techniques

 Hapkido Basic Technique #1 Knife Arm  Hapkido Basic Technique #2 Wrist Throw   HKD Basic #3 Reverse Wrist Lock

HKD Basic #4 Arm Lock and Throw  HKD Basic #5 Inverse Wrist Lock  HKD Basic #6 Hammer Lock

HKD Basic #7 Elbow Wrist Joint Lock  HKD Basic #8 Leg Sweep  HKD Basic #9 Hip Throw  HKD Basic #10 Shoulder Throw


Kicking Techniques

  Head Takedown 1 Head Takedown 2 Head Takedown 3 Head Takedown 4 Head Takedown 5

Jump Double Front Kick  Jump Double Kick Center Toe Kick and Roundhouse Kick  Jump Double Kick Center Toe Kick Roundhouse Kick Spin Back Side Kick  Jump Double Kick Roundhouse Kick Jump Spin Heel Kick  Jump Roundhouse KickJump Spin Back Side Kick  Spin Back Side Kick

Self Defense Techniques

Dan Bong Side Kick Defense  Defensive Throwing Simi Valley Demo  Elbow Wrist Throw Knife Defense Low Spin Kick CounterMiddle Staff Defensive Punch Strike  Shoulder Throw