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Grandmaster HAHN 관장

Grandmaster Hahn began Hapkido training in 1983 under Grandmaster SONG Ho Jin (Lieut. Commander, ROK Marine Corps, ret.) in North Hollywood, CA, through 1989. What started out as a curiosity sparked by a friend wanting a training partner has turned into a lifelong study and journey in the martial arts. His friend stopped after about six months, and Grandmaster Hahn has continued that journey ever since then. He has also trained in Kukkiwon Taekwondo as well as Aikido during his college yearsMaster Don Hahn Hapkido

Grandmaster Hahn sought out the late Founder MYUNG Kwang Sik - 고 명광식 총재님, president and founder of the World Hapkido Federation 세계합기도 연맹, to continue his study of Hapkido. Founder MYUNG was known as a high ranking practitioner and one of the pioneers of the art of Hapkido. At the time, Grandmaster Hahn had no idea of the scope and depth of Founder MYUNG’s technical abilities. The late Founder was always modest, and most of all, a gentleman. Grandmaster Hahn walked through the doors of the Los Angeles school, the headquarters of the World Hapkido Federation, as an eager student relatively untouched by the rampant politics within the martial arts community. He remained that way throughout his tutelage under Founder Myung. The late Founder lead by example, with humility, honor, and respect. It was an honor and blessing to be able to train and serve one of premier and pioneering masters of Hapkido.
During his tenure at the World Hapkido Federation, World Headquarters, in Los Angeles and later at the two Tustin, CA schools, Grandmaster Hahn had the privilege of serving Founder MYUNG as the Chief Master Instructor 총 수석 사범, assisting and performing on over 20 instructional books and videos, directing and performing in various demonstrations including annual Korean festivals in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, and other demonstrations representing the World Hapkido Federation.  As part of his training, Grandmaster Hahn assisted the late master with teaching classes and also personally instructed classes at both the Los Angeles and Tustin schools.  Grandmaster Hahn was also the Chief Judge of promotion testing at the World Hapkido Federation, World Heaquarters 세계합기도 연맹 총본부관 심사 위원장. 
Grandmaster Hahn is unique in being one of the few students that has studied with a pioneering master of Hapkido continuously for over 16 years. The late Founder MYUNG had thousands of students, but few have had the daily interaction that Grandmaster Hahn was blessed to have. Grandmaster Hahn learned the full curriculum of traditional Hapkido, and using his professional background as a CPA and finance professional, meticulously catalogued techniques from white belt to 7th degree black belt, in two different languages. This is quite likely a first in the history of Hapkido due to his dedication in training with and serving the late Founder MYUNG Kwang Sik.
With the passing of late GM MYUNG Kwang Sik, Grandmaster Hahn continues to be blessed with gaining the leadership of President HWANG Deok-Kyu 황덕규 회장님, a contemporary, training partner, and personal friend of the late Founder MYUNG. President HWANG Deok-Kyu is the president and chairman of the Korean Sin Moo Hapkido Federation 대한 신무 합기도 협회.  Chairman HWANG's illustrious Hapkido career began in 1957.  He has served positions from Hapkido Instructor at the Korean Military Academy, Judge of Hapkido for Presidential Security Office at the Blue House (Korean "White House"), chief organizer and judge of the Republic of Korea Hapkido Association, founder and president elect of the Korean Hapkido Association, as well as seminars and demonstrations all around world.  President HWANG is one of the most respected and well known pioneers of Hapkido.  He was appointed the First Founder of the Korean Hapkido Association in 1990.  This association was later renamed to the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation in 2002 with President HWANG appointed as the Chairman of the Federation.
Grandmaster Hahn has over 28 years experience in corporate finance, obtaining a CPA license (inactive) with a Big 4 firm to various roles in accounting and finance. His experiences are in auditing, financial controls, reporting, planning & analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and M&A and has held positions from staff auditor to executive level positions at public and privately held companies. He is quite aware of the corporate “grind” in pursuing his professional career with passion.


  • B.A. Economics, U.C.L.A.
  • Certified Public Accountant, CA (inactive)
  • Over 30 years of training and teaching Hapkido
  • 8th Dan Grandmaster Hapkido
  • U.S. Representative of the Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation
  • Chief Master Instructor 총 수석 사범 at the World Hapkido Federation, World Headquarters from 1989 - 2007
  • Chief Judge of Promotional Testing 심사 위원장at the World Hapkido Federation, World Heaquarters
  • 16 years under personal tutelage of one of the highest ranking masters in the world and original pioneers of Hapkido, late Founder MYUNG Kwang Sik 고 명광식 총재님, who had over 60 years of training and teaching including publishing the most comprehensive collection of instructional books and videos on Hapkido
  • Featured in over 20 instructional video tapes and books on Hapkido
  • Training curriculum from beginner to 7th degree black belt techniques documented in 2 languages
  • Training in Olympic style Taekwondo and Aikido (Ueshiba style)
  • Training in various weapons (short knife, mini stick, short stick, middle stick – “night stick, baton”, long staff, long sword, cane, and rope)
  • Over 28 years of corporate finance experience from staff auditor (Big 8 Firm) to executive management in financial controls, reporting, planning, strategy, analysis, and M&A