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2nd Greece National Korean Sin Moo Hapkido Federation Seminar2nd Greece National Korean Sin Moo Hapkido Federation Seminar

Conducted by Senior Master Don Hahn, 7th Dan
Master Michael Paleologos, 6th Dan
Ioannis Armaos, 5th Dan
Giovannis Vasilios, 3rd Dan
Kostas Kallis, 2nd Dan
Instructor Kostas Perreas, 2nd Dan
Babis Holidis Stadium, Acharnes Athens

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Special Seminar Korean Original Masters 1971 World Hapkido Federation World HQ Promotion Testing 95 Tustin, CA GM & Founder Myung Kwang Sik, Chief Judge Master Hahn 1994 4th degree black belt promotion testing with Grandmaster Myung Kwaug Sik 1994 4th degree black belt testing Grandmaster Myung and our students who endured several hours of having techniques performed on them June 1985 Grandmster Ji, Han Jae and Master Song, Ho Jin. North Hollywood, CA - Song's Hapkido Studio. GM Ji is considered to be the founder of modern Hapkido. Master Song, then a 7th dan, was a retired lieutenant commander in the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy and trained regularly at the Suh Dae Mun headquarters of the Korean Hapkido Association before immigrating to the U.S. June 1985 Promotion test with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae Oct. 2002 Directing the World Hapkido Federation demonstration team at annual Los Angeles Korean Festival 1991 with Grandmaster Myung and students Dr. Thomas Abelew, Sang Ku Lee, David Posher, Tim Shin, others World Hapkido Federation Seminar 1991 Jan. 1987 Receiving 1st degree black belt from Master Song, Ho Jin May 1987 U.C.L.A Korean festival demonstration team 1988 outdoor training with Ken Brown at U.C.L.A. Jump spin kick 1988 outdoor training with David Posner at U.C.L.A. spin heel kick counterattack. We practiced falling on the soccer field - rolling around the whole field.... 1988 Seminar at Song's Hapkido School with Grandmaster Myung Jae Nam, Senior Master Shim Ki Sup Tenets of Hapkido

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