Elite Martial Art is dedicated to the preservation and application of traditional martial art in modern society. 

The foundations for martial art are applied to our modern needs for physical fitness in a traditional manner through uncompromising quality of instruction while individually tailoring training curriculums  to maximize and achieve your personal goals.




Physical & Mental Well Being
Physical conditioning without mental discipline and focus will ultimately fail.
Weight Control
Weight control and weight loss is a simple equation. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts...
Self Defense & Self Awareness
The greatest weapon is not what you may think and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing...
Stress Management & Relaxation
Through breathing, meditation, and stretching, become more relaxed, centered and grounded
Intermediate Training
Traditional Hapkido training from beginners to those with some martial arts experience
Intensive Masters Program
Intensive Study of the Full System

“Excellence through uncompromising passion, quality, discipline, integrity, and execution”


Headquartered in Monterey, California

By appointment only